Card Disc "Buckyball"

An experiment is building large shapes using card and a paper (card) cutter.

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This is a spin-off of me creating lampshades using card and a paper cutter. It was not my intention to create one of these as a lampshade it's self but was mealy to see if the type of glue-less join I was experimenting would scale. When I thought what to build the 32 face "Buckyball" was an obvious choice as it is large, complex but doable, and I though at the time was well documented.

Since showing people I am looking at a way I can make a low cost kit to allow people to make there own if they do not have a paper cutter.

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ben.phenoptix wrote 08/12/2015 at 22:07 point

Beautiful images but I'd like to know more about the cutter!

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