MoStBLDC - Modular Smart BrushLessDC

How do you spin your BLDC Motors? Let's do it smarter and more modular :-)

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I recently informed myself about controlling a 3-pase BLDC Motor.
At first i thought it could be done with an Arduino and some Mosfets (Witch would be possibly true) but then i watched this Video:

Now i have the fancy idea to create a BLDC Motor Driver, which could either be controlled "traditionally" by Servo-Signals or by a Bus.

Feel free to contribute your thoughts!
Please see Details!

Here are some general goals:

  • By modular i mean, it consists of 1 ... 3 Parts.
    • Mainmodule with µC (Mostlikely ATMEGA, and Arduino compatible) and Motor PreDriver (DRV8301DCAR)
    • Module for Buscommunication (Interfaces UART, I2C and SPI (so you could also interface it directly) f.Ex. LIN, CAN, K-Line, "Servo"
    • Module with Driver Stage - Depending on the Load it can be bigger or smaller (MOSFETS) (Interfaces Gate Drivers and Sense)
  • By smart i mean, it could broadcast the Driver and Motorstate etc.
  • You could also use the MoStBLDC in Standalone use cases without deeper understanding and controlling of BLDC Motors.

I really enjoy the DRV8301DCAR since it handles all the critical driving Stuff and has an advanced Algorithm included. Also a big Plus are the SPI Interface and the BuckConverter.

  • There is a riddle for ya ;-)

    Stefan-Xp09/21/2015 at 19:27 3 comments

    Just added the Eagle Files to a Gist on Github.

    For me gist sounds a lot like mist, but i hope it isn't ;-)

    If you like to, feel free to try solve the V2 Version ;)

  • Just to hard to complete :-/

    Stefan-Xp09/16/2015 at 22:00 0 comments

    I'm not sure... almost looks like my Processor is to big or the target PCB size is to small.

    Still 29 Airwires left and the existing traces also still overlap :-(

    I think the more modular approach, more like a breakout for the Motorpredriver is more favourite to me.

  • First Draft of the Pre-Driver Board

    Stefan-Xp07/22/2015 at 22:24 8 comments

    Today I started reading the actual Datasheet and created a PCB according the specifications.

    But because i want to sleep over it, and PCBs are subject to the same rules as Gremlins, there was no order ;-)

    Until now nothing is lost, I'm courious if it ever will be working...

    Now I'm a bit uncertain, should i add a µC to this PCB or leave it just as it is?

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