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A project log for Soft Propeller +HDMI +USB

DIP40: Xilinx ZYNQ-7000, HDMI, USB, micro-SD, 32MB LPDRR2, 16MB Flash

Antti LukatsAntti Lukats 07/18/2015 at 08:460 Comments

Primary design choiced are made: Pinout is kept compatible to little brother Soft Propeller.

Added Features

Removed features

Decisions to make:

PCB Technology - target tech is currently 1+6+1 HDI, no stacked via, no via fill, no via in pad. This should be sufficient, but will be finalized during preliminary routing.

DCDC Converters, as there are now many more components in about same area as Soft Propeller v1.0, it may be necessary to change some DCDC converters to smaller footprint ones at the expense of higher cost.

It is open if the si1143 based 2D gesture support can remain, maybe :)

Authors commentary:

I have had some very similar drawn in sketchbook for decades. It has had different names, one I remember was "panncake computer". I think the panncake computer design was targeting about same used PCB area as DIP40 does. Well the list features and possible uses was not comparable to what is possible today.

It feels like right time to do it. Now.

This project depends on two other projects:

Soft Propeller, where I have working PCBs already, so a lot designs and project and software can be tested in advance.

Arduino compatible Zynq Shield. Those PCB will arrive in a few days, so I can test out the LPDDR2, this is important to have proven working before finalizing the he PCB for this project.