"Bucegi" is the brand of the old Romanian truck I'm in love with. I drove one for many years while I was younger and it was pure love. Based on a Ford Y-block pattern V8 gasoline engine of 140 HP, the first SR-131 truck was produced in the summer of 1960. In the five years a lot of trucks have been produced, including military vehicle, long vehicle, tip-lorry and crane.

I've been in love with this truck for years, I'm modeled it from resin years ago and I've played with it in Microsoft Train Simulator. Last year a friend of mine introduce me to 3D printing and it's been a new horizon opened in front of my eyes. I have rebuilt the cabin from Microsoft Train Simulator to STL and start printing. For the last year I've managed together with my friends to design for 3D printing three Bucegi trucks (a gasoline tanker, a lorry truck, and a tractor).

The trucks are printed in PLA and painted with acrylics. Some photos below.

The cabin has fully detailed interior and has 15 STL files.

The gasoline has 20 STL files.

The lorry trucks is the longest of the three trucks.

The tractor truck is really versatile, you can build lot of different trucks based on this one.

All trucks has mobile steering system.

Below is a video showing the assembly process.

My future plans

For the future I plan to finish modeling for all the the Bucegi series (22 more trucks to go). Some of them I have already realized, but are not fully 3D printable yet (I have printed the cabin and made the rest from Forex and other materials). As soon as I have all trucks modeled I want to create a small museum to allow the youth to connect with technology of the past.

My Indiegogo campaign

I hope you will forgive me for not attaching here all the STL files (75 components for three complete trucks), but I really need a way to continue to work on the design process.

You can get all STL files (75 files) on my Indiegogo campaign page -