Calibrated Prosthetic Socket for 3D Printed Arms

A 3d printed socket that will allow for on-location calibration of replacement arms.

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There is a three way chasm that separates medically under served children both locally and internationally. This gap exists between what is medically available, what is affordable and what is maintainable. Cone-o-matic is a bridge over these troughs of disillusionment. I have been working closely with e-NABLE over the last six months to create and perfect this solution. It will be presented to Field Ready as a solution for regions under medical duress. It is a Minimally Viable Product now, but with support, it can get even better.

This design is a response to the variable needs of the community. Trans-radial deformities and amputations take on many different shapes and sizes. The cone-o-matic meets the needs of developing children as well. Just as shoes do not fit after 6-12 months, prosthetics can be equally uncomfortable.
Secondly, this will allow international access to custom fit sockets. The rise of available additive manufacturing in remote corners of the world provides a path for in-village manufacturing.

  • 1 × Backbone from A wonderful platform to visualize JSCAD.
  • 1 × Kyle Bissell A deeply knowledgeable CS polyglot.
  • 1 × Printrbot Simple Metal To test designs
  • 1 × e-NABLE An organization that provides free hands to the world.

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DoctorNoGood wrote 08/07/2015 at 19:58 point

I recommend printing the socket to raw form and adding some polymorph to the mix and making the socket fit perfectly.

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Daniel R. Dugan wrote 08/07/2015 at 20:15 point

I agree. There has been some great work by e-NABLE to thermoform PLA printed parts. I have added a "thickness" variable to the cone-o-matic to allow for this.

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