Glow Staff (MK2)

Currently a holding page until I have pics and details to write up...
In short... it works and its awesome :-)

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A glow staff for circus related performances and just fun in the dark, based largely on one that I made some time ago for a performance group.
-Batteries: 2x protected 18650 li-ion cells, replaceable if needed
-LEDs: 120 WS2811 leds arranged in 4 x 0.5 meter strips
-polycarb chassis and outer (pretty indestructible-30ft spinning drop onto concrete)
-1.4m length
-flippin bright when on full white (based on prototype)
-at least half an hour burn time (on full)
-SD card for loading bmp files and sequences (txt files)
-IR/RF remote control using APC220 modules
-remote supports multiple devices (255)
-charging port and power switch accessible from one end
-programming port and programming switch accessible from the other end
-supercap uC power backup in-case of momentary battery disconnect when dropped

known issues (not fussed):
-timing of ws2811 strip is not great, images not always in-line
-file loading is noticeable in sequences in long exposure pics

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