ken conrad

I design 3D, print 3D, fly 3D... is there a pattern here? I do custom work too.

British Columbia, Canada
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Things I've Built

Illuminated Rubik's Cube Stand

My son got a set of 5 different cubes for Christmas. He did the initial design work on the stand and I (being a little OCD and tech-mad) finished it off and added LED illumination.

'Raptor' V-tail Quadcopter Drone

My first 3D design for 3D printing, this ferocious beast is 525mm motor to motor, weighs just under 1kg, 100% original design, and is scary in the air. I am peddling the frame on <a href="";; target="_blank"></a>.

Quick and Dirty Treasure Chest

My daughter wanted a treasure chest for Christmas in the worst way. Mass-produced plastic was not even an option, so I built one with utility-grade cedar cut-offs and a 3D printed latch.

Steampunk Swampboat

A friend asked me to beef up his Mini Alligator Tours swamp boat. After extensive testing of the mod, I decided I needed one too. I reverse engineered the boat in pieces to fit my 6" 3D printer bed and gave it a little steampunk flair.

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Nolan Moore wrote 06/02/2016 at 18:10 point

Hi Ken, thanks for the Like on the Power Glove project!

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