Steady Shot Bot

A Steadicam + Hyperlapse + Motion Control Photography Robot

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With Steady Shot Bot you can perform creative camera movements to make time/hyper lapse photography sequences. It has configurable Pan, Tilt, Roll and slider movements anything is possible.

Hyper lapse sequences or manual movements over distance (hiking etc) using its 3-axis stabilized controller and built in intervalometer. perfectly steady hyper lapse sequences can be shot using a mono pod, its belt driven base on a slider or steady cam base carried along a path.

As a steadicam with multiple modes of operation the camera can follow your path of movement giving you real-time control of the field of view , lock and track a position to keep the subject in frame while you navigate a complex path or be remote controlled by a person controlling the shot.

The parts were all 3D printed, internal is an Arduino based controller, a basecam gimbal stabilizer controller, touchscreen, bluetooth remote control and lots of battery power for 4-axis movement on a slider.
  • 1 × Arduino mega 2560
  • 1 × 4D Systems PTU-32AR
  • 1 × 5:1 stepper motor
  • 1 × Silent Step Stick
  • 1 × Basecam Electronics Simple BGC32

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