Hangery is a connected display that lets you leave food/drinks at local stores for those who need it.

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There's a tradition amongst locals to share food to those who need it anonymously. You go into a store you buy 1 bread and pay for 2. The extra one goes into a bag at the entrance of the store. People who need it can come in and take it without talking to anyone.

Hangery is a wi-fi connected box with a display. Any local store owner can install it and configure via a simple interface.
They put in a few basic items from their shop (bread, coffee, water, animal food etc.).

They hang it up on their shop display.

Any local can walk into a food/drink store and pay with Hangery app or cash, decide how much they want to leave on hanger, the amount contributed directly translates into items on display.

A person in need can walk in and request an item, shop owner logs it in and gives away the item, Hangery display is updated. Store is paid. Hungry fed. Charity anonymously done.

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