• Super Basic UI

    foamyguy09/14/2015 at 03:22 0 comments

    implemented a visual representation of the simulation using pygame. Right now it is functional, but very limited. The horses are just blue circles, nothing is labeled and there is no text output. Instead of racing around a track our circle horses race across the screen.

    Obviously needs a lot of work. But at least we can see the simulation play out now, rather than just a dump of stats into the console to tell us what happened.

  • Text Based Simulation Achieved

    foamyguy08/28/2015 at 03:20 0 comments

    The source code is now live on github. You can find the link over to the left.

    At this stage it is just some text output of simulated games played by players with different algorithmic betting strategies.

    This lets us test to ensure that the house will have an edge no matter how the players bet.