• Connections can be painful

    zvodd09/03/2015 at 04:45 0 comments

    As mentioned previously there were some issues with the plug, see the culprit:

    The V+5 line was pushed out. Reattached and applied ample hot glue.

    The makeshift adapter:

    The working setup:

    Successful output:

    Edit : Link to source code SnesTest.ino

  • Starting with a problem

    zvodd08/31/2015 at 13:26 0 comments

    Had a bit of a head ache with the controller plug.
    I set up a pin adapter with paper-clips and some clip on leads ( from a logic analyser kit).
    I some how managed to dislodge the 5v rail (in the controller plug) with a paper clip, I suspect that the knock off SNES controller wasn't built particularly well to begin with.

    I ended up soldering on a header to the PCB of the controller for testing. I manage to place it so the PCB still fits in the case.

    (Image: igorkromin.net : Converting a SNES controller to connect to a NES controller port)

    The pin out is pretty much what you need for a Parallel to Serial Shift Register which is exactly what's in side the controller.

    The tutorial on shift registers on the Arduino site actually works fine for the first 8 buttons in the controller.