HP Touchpad Charging Wall Mount

Inductive charging magnetic tablet wall mount with multiple operating systems and home control apps

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I have been living with my installed in-wall dock for about a year, so I can report that it charges as it should and hasn't noticeably affected the HP Touchpad or the Touchstone Charging Dock. It does get hot (hasn't smoked or smelled), but I don't think it is much hotter than a Touchpad normally gets when charging on the Touchstone. I was worried the metal plates would heat up or be a problem with induction or the 3M double-sided tape holding them on would eventually fail, but it continues to be happy there.

I had the idea that I would have several of these docks in various places around the home and possibly a few on bedside tables and I could carry, mix, and move the Touchpads around the house as I needed them. This would give me maximum usage with minimal tablets, because I would have more docks than tablets. It has proven very useful to be able to pull it off the wall when I need it and easily return it when done.

For a while had been wanting to experiment with having touchscreens around the house to add more home control options to a location.  Having a smartphone and older iPod touches used as remote controls, I knew they aren't always within reach or easily found when you need them.  So having a touchpad/pod/screen mounted in certain locations might add convenience.  I wanted more of a dock than a permanent mount and something like the iPort hadn't existed yet and I wasn't going to pay for something that cost as much as the tablet.  I tried machining many single-gang switch/blank plates to fix my iPods permanently to the wall once I figured there wasn't a way to make a dock work given the charging cable design.  I kept exploring my options and ideas, and then the HP Touchpad Fire-sale happened.  It wasn't long after seeing the inductive charging in action that the idea to stick a Touchstone charger in the wall came about. 

  • 1 × Painters Tape (blue, green, orange, whatever) anything with a masking tape texture will work
  • 1 × HP Touchstone Charger for Touchpad also still available via auction sites, etc.
  • 1 × 10" HP Touchpad Tablet (discontinued) still available via auction sites, new and used
  • 1 × Neodymium Magent(s) with screw hole(s)
  • 1 × Dry Wall Tape, either mesh tape or paper tape this helps prevent cracking at the seams

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    Step 1

    First buy an HP Touchpad and a Touchstone Inductive Charging Dock (about $200 for both).

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    Step 2

    Then select a good location and mounting height to suit all users of the tablet.

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    Step 3

    Then use the Touchstone Dock as a template to trace the area to cut on the wall. Use a stud finder to make sure you are in an open wall bay.

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nate wrote 11/16/2017 at 16:43 point

Would you be interested in mounting a spare cell phone to the wall? Most of us get a new phone every few years. The old one may not be state of the art but still a powerful mini touch screen computer. I made a universal holder for cell phones and will be making one for tablets soon. check out the picture and website at my hackaday profile.

smarthomemounts com

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Josh Christensen wrote 12/30/2014 at 02:05 point

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I would like to try this with my iPad, although I feel it will be better to use some sort of Linux based OS

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controlmypad wrote 01/12/2015 at 18:37 point

Thanks Josh, the reason I went with the HP Touchpad is because it had built-in inductive charging. I had an opportunity, when I went to replace my iPad2's glass, to see if I could add an internal inductive charging coil to the iPad but the battery is glued right where it would need to go. I was able to add a 'steel strip' glued in above the batteries so that the iPad2 would lock to the magnets in my wall though, which is nice. I think the iPad could have an external coil mounted under a sticker or iPad case and then somehow wired to the charging circuit inside. Of course we could always buy the expensive and bulky consumer solutions.

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