Details of Smart Laser Mini

・Composition of Smart Laser Mini


For the Laser diode, we use Blue Laser Diode 1.6 W in TO56 Package by OSRAM Ltd. TB450B.pdf

Laser diode is cooling by the heat sink and fan, also it reduces the tempersture rise of the laser diode.

And, the cover for blocking the light of the laser are mounted on the laser module.

Download Data file


Smart Laser Mini’s axises are OpenBuilds’s V-Slot Linear Rail(20 x 20mm)とDelrin Mini V Wheel. By adopting V-Slot, the number of parts will be reduced and the mechanism will become simple.

・Acrylic parts

Smart Laser Mini is used 5mm thickness acrylic for marerials such as Plates.

Download Data file


Use 3pcs of NEMA17 Stepping motors(JK43HS34)


It built 2pcs of A4988 drivers dedicated shield to the Arduino Mega.

It called “Smart Laser Mini Shield”

Built Smart Laser Mini Shield to the Arduino Mega

Arduino Mega

A4988 drivers

Smart Laser Mini Shield designed using the KiCad.

Download Smart Laser Mini Shield’s design data file from GitHub.

・KiCad data files

・Circuit diagram (pdf)

・Parts list


The controller software is based on the GBRL ( which modified the Lasersaur ( The computer and controller are connected via COM (USB), and the communication is working by G-Code.

・PC Software

PC Software also based on Lasersaur.

It made by Python, HTML and JavaScript therefore It can work in a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

This PC software is Server-client system.

Start the server software on the PC that you want to work on and start a browser session as a client on the same PC to access the server software.

Also, it is possible to perform server and client software on different PCs and control them through the Internet.

The software on the server side is created based on the light Web framework Bottle of Python. The software on the client side is created in HTML and JavaScript.

・Software Download

Download Smart Laser Mini’s software from GitHub

・Work data

As for the Smart Laser Mini, there are two types of working techniques.

1. The vector cutting

The vector cutting can cut along the outer shapes also It can be created in SVG or DXF format.

2.The raster engraving 

Raster engraving is for impressing an image while horizontally scanning just like filling.

Raster engraving can be put into practice by pasting SVG, PNG or BMP format images.

・Work with Raspberry Pi

Smart Laser Mini also works with Raspberry Pi. As you can see the following blog, we mounted Raspberry Pi 2 and 7inch monitor to the Smart Laser Mini.

・Raspberry Pi 2 , Monitor and Desktop Laser Cutter


You can check this Manual. is more details of the Smart Laser Mini.

・Facebook Group

We created a Japanese pubric group called “ Share your work using the Smart Laser Mini”

The group members post and share own work in Facebook. We will create in English version soon.