This Blog isn't directly related to growing food, but is one that a few people might find interesting. After all good pollination of fruiting plants is heavily dependant on bee's.

You can buy kits to convert your honey extractor from human powered to electric, but they are very expensive [$200+] and run on mains power with a massively overpowered motor. This Blog will show you how to convert and small honey extractor to electric for sub $50, safe low voltage DC and low powered.

Is this motor really enough to do the job: Yes because we are only accelerating a mass slowly and we only have to overcome windage and bearing friction [not that Large]. This motor will be enough to power extractors of upto 80cm in diameter of any mounting arrangement.

The Pinout:


The Parts:

[1] Female Power Jack [Size Depends on Power supply] $1

[2] 2 Amp Thermo Fuse [dont try to skimp and do it without a fuse] $1

[3] Hot 24v PWM Speed Controller $2

[4] 919D Comma Series Motor 50:1 gearbox £33

[5] Flexible Coupler 6mm to size of your driven shaft. $4

[6]L-Bracket to mount the motor Make this to fit your extractor

You might not find the correct coupler for your extractor shaft size, buy one a little smaller and drill/hone it to the size you require.

And a power supply of your choice, I use an old 18v laptop charger or a car battery and terminal clamps depending if the location has mains power or not. I enclosed my controller in a PVC case with a on/off switch to stop honey getting on the electronics, I advice you do something similar.

Another useful tip, paint the extractor matt-black and extract on a sunny day, the sun will heat up the extractor and make the honey flow much better than a white/pale coloured extractor would do.

Anyway, I have been busy getting the honey from the combs today. The next blogs will be related to aquaponics or similar.