SeekOFix - Better software for SeekThermal camera

Windows software that will produce nice clean thermal images in contrast to original android software.

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SeekThermal is really nice thermal module with resolution 208x156, but it produces really low quality images. The huge amount of noise makes the module barely usable.

The aim of this project is to make a windows software that will produce clean images with no noise.

All pixels will be profiled for offset and thermal drift and bad pixels replaced with neighbour pixel average.

This should be sufficient to produce clean images.

Steps that will be taken:

1. Take raw reading of all pixels in 5sec intervals for 1 hour while pointing to uniform temp plate at room temperature. This will show how big error each pixel has and thermal drift of each pixel though time.

2. Create a diff matrix 208x156 with values showing difference between each pixels raw value and the correct value.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 while pointing to heated bed with temp set to 50*C and 100*C.

3. Find all pixels that do not response to temperature change and generate a badpixel map for further usage.

4. Implement a code that compensates each pixel drift with diff matrix.

5. Replace all badpixels with special averaging of neighbour pixels values.

6. Create realtime software

  • 1 × SeekThermal (the first model) Thermal module that connects to smart phone
  • 1 × Aluminium block As a uniform temperature plate
  • 1 × Thermal pad Covering aluminium plate
  • 1 × DIY OTG female micro USB to male USB cable So you can connect SeekThermal to PC

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MegaHurtz wrote 04/05/2021 at 19:22 point

So, I just got my Seek Compact, pushed my vitals to the thread asking for versions, etc.  Found the ThermoVision by JoeC thread, downloaded same, and after fighting with it to get it to connect to my camera, hopped on the 'net to try to solicit some support and read some more and ... the effin datacenter catches on fire and takes down Dave's forums until further notice.  FML.  lol

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Corbin wrote 10/22/2019 at 15:29 point

This is awesome! I just ordered a 2019 version, would it work on this one as well?

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