Quantity   Component name
1 × Celestron Nexstar Telescope GPS telescope that can automatically locate 10 best objects in the sky to view every night.
1 × Amscope Trinocular Telescope with C-mount adapter Trinocular microscope with c-mount for connnecting Gopro camera to livestream and photograph.
3 × GoPro Hero High quality imaging for livestreaming from telescope, miscroscope, and observations of vivariums.
1 × Back-Bone.ca Skeleton Ribcage kit Built on both the popular GoPro Hero4 and Hero3/3+ camera lines, the Ribcage Mod Kit brings all the advantages of these versatile cameras and adds infinite options with interchangeable lenses. Use small fixed focus M12 lenses, the superior optical quality of FA and Megapixel CS and C-Mount lenses, or the power and features of any available SLR lens. Film in ultra slow motion, or at resolutions never before seen on a consumer level camera. Our kit turns the GoPro into a powerhouse professional production camera! Resolutions up to 4K/30, HD frame rates up to 240 fps, up to two internal optical filters at once, infrared imaging and more; the possibilities are endless. Available as a ready to go camera, or as a modification kit for those who like to tinker!