Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino Uno Runs the main application
1 × Adafruit Wave Shield + Stacking Headers Used to play sound clips
1 × Adafruit Proto Shield Used to connect all the cruft to the arduino, and hold a small circuit for interfacing with the other components.
1 × Custom HV PSU This power supply is built using Scrounged Computer PSU and TV parts
1 × Custom Control and Sense Board Used to detect 'Hands' and control the PSU sequencing
1 × HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor Used to detect subjects in room and 'Invite' them
1 × Custom Built Replica 'Pain Box' Prop Built from Foam Board, Mod-Podge, etc to make the enclosure for the above
1 × OPTIONAL: Small Audio Amplifier Small: 1W or so for more volume if needed
1 × Gutted, neutered, defunct Mouse used for hand electrode and sensor holder
1 × Speaker Used to play the sounds
1 × 12V Power supply Powers the device