Hardware Engineer/Embedded Programmer by trade, Hardware Hacker by default

Salt Lake City, Utah
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This user joined on 04/14/2014.

Things I've Built

3D Printer

Being some type of masochist, I decided to build a 3D printer from scratch. So far it works pretty well. There is always room for improvement though, so It will continue to be an ongoing project!

Model Rockets

I have always been fan of rockets in any form, and have built numerous models, some with onboard electronics, like the yellow and black stripe one here, that has a hacked 808 car keys camera looking down, for onboard video!

Intel CPU collection Wall Hanging

I like technology for what it is, but also find that some things make neat art pieces. This is a Shadow Box mounting of pretty much every family of Intel processor for the last 30 years. It's right at home on the wall of my work space.

Mini CNC Laser Cutter

I have built a Miniature CNC Laser cutter from flatbed scanner parts. It uses a 1W 808nm laser diode, and can easily mark or cut pretty much any material that isn't white. I will try a 2W blue to see if it works better on light materials.

Mini-Quad V2

I have scratch built several small Quad-copters, Mostly built from Plywood and basswood. They have all flown well once dialed in. I really enjoy RC stuff, Both things that fly and things that drive.

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Alexey Voronin wrote 06/24/2020 at 15:40 point

Thanks for liking my #FoxyPI - Arduino Nano metal detector  project!

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x3n0x wrote 03/18/2015 at 04:27 point

Hackawhat?  Just plugging away on Project Apollo - You should check it out and let me know what you think!  Still in early design, so any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!

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x3n0x wrote 04/15/2014 at 05:31 point
Worked on a High-Voltage Power supply Board for the upcoming SCI-FI contest entry tonight! Looking good so far! I am excited to get the documentation for that project rolling!

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x3n0x wrote 04/14/2014 at 16:07 point
Picture/Past project tidbits coming soon. I will also be creating an entry for the Sci-Fi Contest with some of my friends!

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