• Microsoft purchased Github

    Fabio Balzano06/04/2018 at 21:56 0 comments

    Sorry guys..Microsoft just purchased Github so as consequence I just leaved from Github, I removed all my repositories and deleted my account. Thank you all.

  • A power supply needs to be rock solid!

    Fabio Balzano04/13/2018 at 10:39 0 comments

    Hello everybody,

    during the last days I worked at the power supply features set of the proposed device. The project is about a logger that should provide reliable logging and data gathering/storing even in harsh environments hence the design of redundancy features. Even with a full set of enriched interfacing capabilities, the device could be useless if provided with a poor implemented power supply.

    The power supply should have a broad range of Voltage inputs, I am considering 5V up to 48V. It has to work in both buck/boost modes and provide stable output even at Vin=Vout. Efficiency then is very important too, not lower than 85% in the worst case.


    The logger could be installed in an automotive system and I consider this one of the worst application scenario due the voltage level changes, very high transients, EMI, noises of every kind.

    The device could be used in maritime or aeronautic applications too, this enforce the adoption of strategies for redundancy and reliability, good design practices a must.

    I do have a long experience in designing for harsh environments but I need to gather your opinions and use cases examples in order to get a better view of the possible implementations and so improve the design. I wait for your thoughts, reviews, comments, cheers, ideas from everybody.

    Thank you all. Best.