From a dead laptop, I got a Broadcom BCM92045NMD Bluetooth 2.0 Module.
I wanted to use it but the card requires 3.3V and the cable is not suited for a USB connection.

I designed a simple PCB that will serve as a USB connection board between a mini USB and the Bluetooth module.
The PCB has the footprint of a 3.3V LDO regulator with its capacitor and a connector area. The connector area is made of 8 parallel tracks with a decreasing pitch form 2.54mm to 0.63mm.

I found the BCM92045NMD Module Pinout (Pin 5 to 8 are valid, Pin 1 - 4 I didn't check) and connected the module to the USB connector. Linux is able to connect to Bluetooth speaker and mouse.

I did the same reconditioning with a Apple macbook pro Bluetooth module A1114 003ny04123.