Big Stable KFm3 Delta

A delta that can fly very slow. It can carry some weight.

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This is a delta that is nice to fly :-) I find it very relaxing because it is not hard to control. I can flight it for 40 minutes with 2x3s-2200mAh batteries, if there is not a lot of wind and I fly it very slow (A bit below 50% throttle).

The delta uses KF-m 3 airfoil and it is optimized to fly slow while carrying a payload. It flights for 40 minutes with 2 2200mAh LiPo batteries. A video of the delta flying.

I got a lot of help in the RCGroups forum and now I need to create a thread for this plane. Pictures for the most recent version:

This is an earlier prototype, the one I made before the most recent.

And here I am, holding the previous prototype:

  • 1 × SunnySky X2212-9 1400kv Brushless Motor
  • 1 × 8x4.5 propeller
  • 1 × 30A ESC
  • 2 × TGY-S306G-HV servos I will experiment with other brands.
  • 1 × Model Plane Foam and EPS

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    Step 1

    Here are the images with the dimensions of the delta.

    Wing length is 83 cm.

    And here is how the KFm-3 airfoil is done. We'll add more instructions about this later, but if you're impatient you'll be able to use these images to start your delta.

    Gorilla glue is used to save weight. Hot glue weights a lot more.

    We sand the leading edge, it is cut at 45° and then smoothed.

    This is what the finished airfoil looks like.

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