FAKEPHONE - pocket watch in iPhone case

Led watch in iPhone waterproof aluminium case

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I do not like smartphones but I also want whip out big pancake in restaurant, or to be cool between friends.

Planed features.
-Led segment display to display TIME and DATE together.
probably custom from 4014 or 3014 leds
-WHITE board with partially eaten fruit, i am not decided about kind
-Long life rechargeable battery
-Arduino zero compatibility SAMD21G18, or atmega328, maybe ESP32
-lot of sensors like humidity, temperature, pressure
-time talking
-maybe circuitpython compatibility if I decide for SAMD21 core
-DS3231 precise RTC

..... just add SIM800 module and FAKEPHONE switch to REALPHONE with one button control :D

I'm waiting for suggestions in comments .....

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 03/17/2018 at 21:30 point

I also do not like smart phones so this project gets a thumbs up from me :-)

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