This project was a huge leap forward for me. I intended on using it as a tool to inspire youth in the local area to get into STEM. However, it advanced my knowledge of 3D print and design a ton.

3D Printing the STLs:

  • Print the chassis face down. It looks better if you print it on painters tape. You get a matte finish.
  • Print the motor mounts upright, it reduces the amount of supports needed


The code as well as the circuit is broken into multiple layers.

  • Mechanical Layer
    • Arduino Uno R3 and Motor Shield
      • Responsible for controlling the motors
  • Communications Layer
    • Arduino Uno R3 and Bluetooth
      • Responsible for accepting coms from RC Car remote and setting pins that communicate with the mechanical layer
  • Controller Layer
    • Windows Phone
      • Windows Phone app that communicates via bluetooth with the Arduino communication layer.