World's smallest 2 player game of Pong.

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The entire game, including CPU, display, power supply, both controllers, etc. should fit into a matchbox.


This is a simple BotSpine demo project. BotSpine already has a processor and display. A CR2032 battery will supply the power. The controllers to move the paddles up and down will simply be wires.

So, I'll have to solder a few wires to the BotSpine board, write a few lines of BASIC code, push the code to BotSpine over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and that's it. Should be done in a couple of days. The hardest part will be finding a matchbox to prove that it fits. --- Well, at least that's the plan :).


Each game controller consists of 3 wires: a ground wire, wrapped around the player's finger and 2 other wires, taped to the table, which move the paddle up or down, when touched by the ground wire.

We could fire an interrupt whenever one of the control wires gets grounded. But, since we have to run a timed loop for the ball motion anyway, we might as well just check the state of the pins at each loop.

We will calculate the ball and paddle positions in a 1280 x 640 space and then display on the 128 x 64 pixel OLED display by dividing by 10.

Each new ball gets a random x and y velocity. When the ball gets to the top or bottom of the screen, the y velocity is reversed. When the ball gets to the side of the screen and passes by the paddle, the other player scores. Otherwise, the x velocity is reversed.


The code will look something like this:

2 A=0 //left player score
3 S=0 //right player score
4 E=200  //ms Delay between loops
5 PINMODE P0(0) INPUT PULLUP // Player 0 (left) DOWN controller 
6 PINMODE P0(1) INPUT PULLUP // Player 0 (left) UP controller
7 PINMODE P1(2) INPUT PULLUP // Player 1 (right) DOWN controller
8 PINMODE P1(3) INPUT PULLUP // Player 1 (right) UP controller 
10 X=1280/2 //Ball X
20 Y=640/2 //Ball y
30 L=100   //paddle length
50 Q=640/2 //Left paddle center
60 W=640/2 //Right paddle center
80 T=40   //paddle speed
90 I=80  // top ball speed
95 P = 0 //loop counter index
110 U = I/2 - RND(I+1) // Ball speed in x direction
112 If ABS(U)<I/4 //Ball needs some x velocity
114 goto 110
116 END
120 O = I/2 - RND(I+1) // Ball speed in y direction
145 OLED ROW 1
1000 If P < L/10
1030 DRAWPIXEL 1,(Q-L/2)/10+P,1 //draw left paddle
1040 DRAWPIXEL 126,(W-L/2)/10+P,1 //draw right paddle
1050 P=P+1
1055 goto 1000
1060 End
1070 P=0
1080 DRAWPIXEL X/10,Y/10,1 //draw ball
1083 OLED A, "    ",S   //display score and render ball and paddles
1084 Delay E
1085 F = P0(1)
1086 G = P0(0)
1087 Q=Q+T*(G-F) //new paddle positions
1088 F = P1(2)
1089 G = P1(3)
1090 W=W+T*(G-F) //pins are internally pulled high. They read 1 unless grounded, then 0. 
1100 If Q < L/2 //paddle running off screen
1110 Q=L/2
1120 END
1130 If Q > 630-L/2
1140 Q=630-L/2
1150 END
1160 If W < L/2 //running off screen
1170 W=L/2
1180 END
1190 If W > 630-L/2
1200 W=630-L/2
1210 END
1220 X=X+U
1230 Y=Y+O
1240 If Y < 1 // Ball bounces off Bottom
1250 O=0-O
1260 End
1270 If Y > 620 // Ball bounces off top
1280 O=0-O
1290 End
1300 If X < 1
1310    If Y > Q + L/2 //ball got past paddle
1320    S=S+1 //increment score
1330    Goto 10 //new ball
1340    END
1350    If Y < Q - L/2
1360    S=S+1
1370    Goto 10 //new ball
1380    END
1390 U=0-U //ball bounces off paddle
1400 END
1410 If X > 1260
1420    If Y > W + L/2
1430    A=A+1
1440    Goto 10 //new ball
1450    END
1460    If Y < W - L/2
1470    A=A+1
1480    Goto 10 //new ball
1490    END
1500 U=0-U //ball bounces off paddle
1510 END
1590 Goto 1000 //next loop

  • Fixed Bug

    kai01/15/2016 at 18:27 0 comments

    The original code used port 1 pin 0 and 1 to control the paddle. These 2 pins can't be used with internal pullup and the paddle was drifting around. Changed the paddle control to port 1 pin 2 and 3.

  • Done

    kai01/06/2016 at 20:35 0 comments

    Tested it, updated code and uploaded pictures.

    This was just a quick demo of how to quickly build a stand-alone project with BotSpine.

    A tethered example will follow.

  • Built Hardware and Tested Code

    kai01/06/2016 at 00:37 0 comments

    There were some bugs in the code. That's sorted out now. It is sooooo much easier to debug in an interpreter, on the device, than doing the edit-compile-upload-test, edit-compile-upload-test cycle.

    Still optimizing. Will add some pictures and update the code in a couple of days. And, yes, it does fit into a matchbox.

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