Before Christmas I tidied up my workspace and found two old wooden IKEA Boxes, each with six drawers and immediately this Project came up again in my mind. A quick test show that my solder stations fits perfectly into the top section of the Box so a new project was born. The Worbench shall be portable, allow quick access to all tools and for me the most important requirement, it shall allow a fast and tidy restore after work.

I removed all the drawers and took the first Box as base for the workbench. Some sawing on the second box and the two doors were in place. After the woodworking I placed the hinges, the handle and the locking (btw all recycled) I started placing the solder stuff. To avoid a mess resulting from having everything in one or two drawers in this Box (I know myself, this will happen), I decided to give every tool its dedicated place.

So i milled (shapeoko 2) some brackets and drawers from plywood. The solder stuff was now in place and I had a look again. I saw a lot of free space an decided to fill it with measurement equipment and a DC power supply.

For the DC power supply I used a simple Chinese LM2596 based modul, added external Potentiometer, a combined Amp/Voltmeter from Ebay and voila, a simple cheap DC PSU was in place. Of course it has no professional parameters like a benchtop one, but for quick hacks and test it is sufficient.

So what is missing? Of course measurement equipment. Here I simply made some brackets to hold the Multimeter and the measurement Equipment.

Finaly i added a retractable 3 power strip at the left side and the main power plug at the back side.

I already have some ideas for some upgrades, so let's see whats coming next...