Not a tweed amp

A tone-filled 5W tube guitar amplifier

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I've been wanting to build myself a tube guitar amplifier for a while now. I never had enough time or all the parts needed, but finally, last week i said "screw it, I'm doing this" After a couple of days of hard work it's done and looks quite good for something made out of mostly salvaged components and NOS tubes. I've even bought a Hammond 1550-J enclosure to nestle all the components inside. Looks good, sounds awesome, now I just have to practice playing the guitar more.
By the way, the schematic for this is quite simmilar to a Fender Princeton but i've added cathode bypass to the first triode stage, changed the feedback resistor, swapped the output tube for an EL34, the preamp is a 12AX7. The power and output transformes are scavanged. The PT is from an old educational device from my high-school (puts out 5VAC, 560V ct and 6.3V -SCORE) and the OT is from a TV set, but it's highly overwound and sounds awesome. I think it's even designed

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