Internet Radio from a WRT54G

Turning a WRT54G into an Internet Radio

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Everyone has old Wireless APs lying around. New standards come out, people upgrade their AP/Router, and the old one goes into a drawer somewhere.

I decided to take one of the many WRT54G's I had and turn it into an Internet Radio.

Using a WRT54G v2, I will add components needed to enable the USB controller.

Install a USB Sound card, and configure OpenWRT to use it.

Create a hardware interface to "tune" radio stations, or select presets.

  • 1 × WRT54G v2 Classic Linksys WRT54G v2
  • 1 × LM7805 5v Regulator
  • 2 × 15kOhm Resistor
  • 1 × Protoboard
  • 1 × USB Sound card Cheap USB Sound card

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  • I'm running out of yaks

    daffy02/09/2016 at 10:30 0 comments

    Just a quick update on this project...

    Initially, I tried using the precompiled versions of OpenWRT 10.03.1 (the last releast for the original WRT models). It's too big, and I can't remove unneeded packages due to the squashfs filesystem.

    So I've had to resort to building my own jffs2 image from the OpenWRT 10.03.1 repo.

    I've spent way too much time figuring out why the build keeps failing.

    As soon as I get this working, I'll release a new video with some more details and instructions.

  • Adding the USB port and Sound Card

    daffy01/25/2016 at 00:20 0 comments

    Some quick researched showed that others have done this, so it's not impossible.

    On the WRT54G v2 there are 2 USB ports available on the BCM4712, but they're just not used. The D+ and D- pins for both ports are terminated to ground via 4.7k resistors (marked RH19, RH20, RH21, RH22). These needed to be removed and replaced with 15k pull-down resistors.

    There's no 5v source on the WRT54G, so I had to build my own using an LM7805 and a few Capacitors.

    Once I was done with that, I had everything needed for a USB port. GND, 5V, D+ and D-

    I attached a cheap USB Sound card, and now my WRT has a sound card!

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