I picked up a couple of 12VDC power distribution boards from Electronic Goldmine a few years back. I love some of the odd ball stuff they sell but trying to find more when you do have a cool use for them can be a pain sometimes. .

Any way, what I have done was I drilled out the weak link in a fuse and drilled a couple of holes in the top of the fuse to solder a diode to the fuse connector blades. The diode you see that I crimped on a couple of connector blades was done today so I could get 2 panels connected to this combiner box. Those parts are connected to the fuse holders on the positive distribution board, which I'm using to combine all the positive connectors of my solar panels. The negative side of the panels are connected to the negative power distribution board, which contains a 1 amp fuse in each fuse holder. Each distribution board has 3 terminals that is tied to one side of all the fuse holders. I use one of those terminals on each board to connect to the charge controller.

Just now had to break this all out of storage due to wind knocking power out.