Quantity   Component name
1 × "Arduino Mega 2560" The quote marks are there since it's a cheap clone. Any ATmega 2560 board should be fine.
1 × 10-DOF sensor board A 10 degree of freedom sensor board, with a BMP085 pressure sensor, HMC5883L magenetometer and a MPU6050 gyro / accelerometer
2 × 1520mm x 1020mm foam board The exact dimensions aren't too important as they can be scaled, but that's the foam I have available. Ideally, you'd get EPP foam sheets without paper covering. But I'm using art foam-core board, and it should work fine.
2 × Duct Tape Rolls Any colour will do. Use different colours to look cooler. (and fly faster)
1 × Mikrotik RB912UAG-2HPnD 600MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, miniPCIe slot, 1000mW integrated 2.4GHz radio, and supported by OpenWRT :)
1 × Mikrotik RB-11E5 1000mW miniPCIe 5.8GHz WiFi card