Dennon Oosterman

The faster you go, the faster you go faster! Making boats, tube amps, UAVs, robots, and 3D printer recycling systems since '91

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Things I've Built


A recycling system for 3D printers. Garbage goes in, filament comes out. Patent pending tech and closed loop control so it actually works! Now being commercialized as part of ReDeTec :)

Air hockey physics simulator

Part of a larger project to simulate particle interactions in real life, I just did the robots. Teeny tiny robots floated on air hockey table, programmable to behave however you wanted. CV was used to compare their real trajectory to simulation.


High Altitude Reconaissance Over Long Distances, AKA Harold, was our trip copter UAV project as part of the Darpa UAV competition. School / ReDeTec got in the way before we could finish, but basically a V-22 with tail rotor.

No Limits (Glen - L Rampage)

Heavily modified Rampage design from Glen - L - longer, wider, taller, faster, stronger, the works. Still a work in progress...taking my time on this one to make it perfect (hence the name). Work's gotten in the way, sadly :(

Heatseeker (Glen - L TNT)

My first boat. Loved this thing. Spent dawn to dusk building it for 4 straight months...extended a foot, custom cover in the back, powered first with a restored merc and then a johnson with power trim/tilt. Sold it to pay for my next boat :D

20 W Class A Single Ended High Gain Tube Amp for Guitar

This one always has been and likely always will be a work in progress! Partially designed by a good friend of mine (TMI amps), without a doubt the best amp I've ever played. From mid gain to with pretty lights!


Wall climbing robot as part of UBC's Eng Phys robo comp...only team to make it to the third section of the wall, and then we shorted our sensors literally 15 minutes before the competition...oops.

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Nolan Creative wrote 04/09/2020 at 00:47 point

Dennon Oosterman and his Redetec team have run out on the indiegogo backers and hundreds of prepaid orders placed through the website. They are conning new buyers with falsified delivery dates, causing difficulty in those buyers being able to get refunds. Dennon nor his team are updating any machine purchasers. I urge all at this time based on my experience as well as others to consider him a con artist and a scammer. Do not order from Redetec. 

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