Mild Lee Interested

Electrician and electronics hobbiest with a passion for esoteric machines and easter eggs in industrial control systems

Western Australia
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This user joined on 04/21/2016.

Things I've Built

Box O Bangs

A 2.5kV capacitor bank for "experimentation" (blowing things up) made by Lemming, for which I designed and built the control and safety circuits.

D9 RS232 line status indicator

Uses two colour LED's to show the status of all data and control lines on a D9 RS232 bus. Data and control lines are different colours as they are different polarities relative to ground. Select between GND and shield for reference level.

Simple ASCII display for Koyo "Click" PLCs

Koyo "Click" PLCs are cheap but reliable industrial controllers suitable for non-critical systems in an industrial environment. This RS232 display uses a simple ASCII 2x16 LCD driven by a ATMega with Arduino bootloader for some simple logic.

Esoteric Industrial Control System components

These constructions are intended to be installed in industrial control system cabinets or on industrial machines. They are functional (after a fashion) and intended to puzzle and amuse technicians who find them installed.

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