Nicholas Donahue

I am a creative hacker. I strongly believe the only way to be successful is to not do what everyone else is doing.

San Francisco, CA
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Things I've Built

Portable Tesla Coil

Built a portable tesla coil.

Lightup Fidget Spinner

Worked with my friend, while working at Dell, on a lightup fidget spinner.

Haptic Patches

Using carbon fiber fabric, shape memory alloys (SMA's), kapton tape, sewing thread, and an Arduino I created a haptic patch that could contract by pulsing electricity through it.

VR Glove

I built a data glove over a 6 week period and piped it into Unity to create a VR Glove.

A social platform for crypto trader. Crypto is a speculative market and we found that most conversations happened in silos, so we brought together your pricing data and social sentiment into one web app. I helped with Product and Community.

A minigame that allowed you to vote on whether you though a cryptocurrency was going to rise or fall and then see the consensus of everyone who played. Kind've like hot or not.

NextUp Music

An app that allowed a group of people to queue music to the same speaker, similar to a digital jukebox. You could choose different modes such as Dictatorship, Democracy, Round Robin, and Free Play. You could queue with Spotify or Soundcloud.

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