Caz W

Lots of ideas, very little skill .... Living on a narrow boat, very little workspace room but we are coming up with some ideas.

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Things I've Built

My other half is also in the middle of setting up an Arduino weather station,, Sensors for rain, wind, humidity, air quality, It will text us if our home is attacked by biological weapons - or that we have to get the washing in cos its raining

My other has set up a Pi as our media box another as a torrent server and a third running onion routed websites. VPN inc.

Working on how to use sensors to surprise people walking nearby with something pretty or sound related Again work in progress. I also have a thing for magnets which I am trying to work into a project

Arduino theremin, started with iLED's changing colour based on distance, Sound is proving a little harder little harder. So still work in progress .

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