Electronics geek, Openwrt, Linux, hardware hacker, maker, SF fan.


#labOS hacklab, Osijek, Croatia
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Things I've Built

El-wire keyboard backlight

Laptop housing mod "DRAGONWARE"

I made a logo, carved it with my engraving/multipurpose tool and filled the void with some epoxy resin and LED's .

Portable wireless motion sensor triggered alarm with a wireless doorbell and an airwick motion sensor

I had the idea to combine these two items for some time now, so when a local store got the wireless doorbell for about 11,50USD I just had to buy it....

USB aliases – Multiple USB to UART devices on OpenWRT

Add multiple Arduino or other USB to UART devices to your Openwrt router.

Connecting 5V sensors to OpenWrt GPIO

Examples of using GPIO as input and output on OpenWrt.

Cheap tweeting RFID home security/automation system

A cheep RFID access control system combined with OpenWrt,Arduino, Linux, and sensors.

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DL101 wrote 08/23/2014 at 20:06 point
Prvi put da vidim nekog domaćeg na ovom sajtu!

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brna wrote 08/23/2014 at 21:06 point
Ma ima nas, samo smo tihi. jesi li blizu Rijeke trenutno? Tamo je sada nakupina domaćih. :) Naiđi ak stigneš, ja ovaj put nisam stigao.

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DL101 wrote 08/23/2014 at 21:45 point
Ne baš. Ja sam iz Rovinja, ali studiram(i živim) u Zagrebu.
Koristiš li skype ili mail ili nešto za komunikaciju?

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