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catsndogs wrote 10/19/2022 at 10:44 point

Nice! So glad to hear! Have a nice day friend.

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j wrote 10/11/2022 at 08:34 point

Thanks for following me. I already bought 0.5 kg of rosin and i am excited to go through the process ! ..lets make some holy-healthy-flux (;

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catsndogs wrote 10/14/2022 at 19:35 point

HeHe, nice, that should last a lifetime or two for you and your friends! best of luck!

edit: you may also want to consider just keeping some of the rosin as it is, (as long as it is filtered/clean) sometimes is convenient to just have a chunk of solid rosin so you can pre-flux wires just by laying them on the rosin and then putting the iron on top of the wire, or just dipping a hot iron directly in the rosin before applying solder. The alcohol is there just to make it liquid, all the active ingredients is in the rosin. If you have the time I would be glad to hear of your results, if you liked it compared to the "new" stuff. I am not an active Hackaday user but i check in on regular intervals.

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j wrote 10/14/2022 at 23:58 point

So: i made a gift for two friend with that today (as healthy & holy solder-flux)! I bought really clean stuff. Also i used a small clean chunk for soldering already. It works quite well! The tin dose pull it self together, but i dose not get shiny. But that's ok - it smells just great. The big chunk of rosin liquefied completely after 2 days and i might thiken it by vaporizing the propranolol furthermore. I am very happy after the outcome of your instructions ! tyty!

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