Andrew Henderson

Research scientist, embedded software developer, author, maker, and Linux enthusiast

Syracuse, New York
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This user joined on 01/20/2015.

Things I've Built

Book: Android for the BeagleBone Black

I wrote a book on creating Android apps that interface directly with hardware on the BeagleBone Black. It is published by Packt Publishing, and the ISBN is 9781784392161

DECAF Binary Analysis Platform

A dynamic executable code analysis framework (DECAF). It is a modified QEMU with an added analysis plugin system for analyzing malware using virtual machine introspection and instruction-level data flow analysis.

BeagleSNES cape for BeagleBone Black

A cape board for interfacing the BeagleBone Black directly with NES and SNES controllers. WIP.


A customized Android OS image and build process for the BeagleBone Black. It uses a 3.8 Linux kernel for full capemgr and dynamic device tree overlay support.


BeagleSNES turns the BeagleBone Black and BeagleBoard-xM into complete stand-alone retro-gaming appliances.

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