Marcus de Verdier

Relentless seeker of new wisdom, twiddler of bits, blacksmith hobbyist.

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This user joined on 03/31/2014.

Things I've Built

Bitbox rev2

Right now I'm involved in the bitbox console made by makapuf!

The RGB necklace

Small simpler version of the locket, but with a pic12f1501 which has 3 pwm channels and touch support. You cycle through the programs by touching it with you finger. Programmed in JAL.

The LED watch

Made a led watch using a pic24f and mplab. You can set the time through the implemented usb serial device, as well as charge the small lipo (which lasts about 2 weeks). Leds light up when wrist is twisted sensed by a mma8453q acc-sensor.

Pimp a Fender

Made a lamp hack for a Fender amp of a friend. Randomly pulse through the color scale. The amp needed a rectifier to get 3v out of it, so I had to make that as well.

The alphabet game

I wanted to play some with a nokia display and ended up with a small game for my small kids. Powered by a pic12f1822, progammed in JAL. Runs on cr2032 battery (on backside). Also made tetris for this, pretty neat!

The RGB locket

A pic12f517 controlled rgb led in a nice locket. Made and sold about 10 pcs of these a few years ago. The latter versions had a mma8451q acc-sensor for shifting colors, programs and wakeup/sleep mode. Made in JAL.

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