25.2k 616 36 248
Open source system to drive powerchairs by eye movement alone - allowing independent mobility when use of a person's hands isn't an option.
Project Owner Contributor

Eye Controlled Wheelchair!

Patrick Joyce

21.5k 221 36 130
A rugged low-cost solar electric utility vehicle platform for the developing world
Project Owner Contributor

Light Electric Utility Vehicle

Chris Low

22.9k 849 26 117
This is a micro-quadcopter I'm building from scratch using an Arduino Pro Mini, MPU6050, Nrf24L01+ modules and coreless motors.
Project Owner Contributor

Quadcopter from scratch


17.7k 169 32 113
Affordable spider robot
Project Owner Contributor


Radomir Dopieralski

37.3k 205 24 89
Converting a car to electric drive using recycled and salvaged EV and hybrid components.
16.7k 724 11 84
Internet Connected Aerial Renewable Unmanned System Fully 3D printed
19.4k 162 26 61
A simple and cheap online Camera Robot Based on The MagPi magazine issue no.9. No hectic port forwarding configuration required.
17.7k 132 3 60
I've managed to reverse-engineer and reuse several high-tech parts from electric cars - my latest addition is the Tesla Model S drivetrain
Project Owner Contributor

Hacking powerful EV drivetrains

Michal Elias

10.2k 630 13 53
Cheap, fully automated model train system with 99.9999% 3D printed parts.
10.7k 87 8 39
Converting an 05 Ninja 250R to electirc
Project Owner Contributor

Electric Ninja


21.7k 41 12 34
The Scrapyard and Arduino make a great combination!
2.1k 659 8 31
Unfolding CubeSat rover. Mission: construction on Mars & re-construction after natural disasters on Earth. Tele-op Headband control.
6.8k 57 9 31
My Bins is a system which takes my bins from there station to the front yard automatically.
Project Owner Contributor

My Bins


3.6k 641 9 27
Robotic platform designed to operated in harsh conditions experienced in outdoor environments. Modular with easy to replace components.
6.3k 209 1 26
Robot that finds and collects bottles to recycle them.
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous bottle recycling robot


5.5k 56 7 23
In which the author runs open source firmware on a palm sized quadcopter
Project Owner Contributor

BradWii on the Hubsan Q4


3.4k 50 3 22
Getting ready for the premiere of the last Star Wars movie, I and my son are building a 3D printed BB-8 droid
Project Owner Contributor

Our own BB-8 droid


4.8k 72 3 21
RAZBOT is a 3D printable Rasberry Pi Rover running the Robot Operating System
Project Owner Contributor



6.1k 658 2 18
A robot that can clean an area of human liter in an autonomous fashion for easier disposal.
Project Owner Contributor

Lazy Cleaner 9000


1.7k 1.1k 5 17
A robot to remind and assist people with health maintenance tasks.
Project Owner Contributor

Health Maintenance Robot

Duane Degn

3.6k 62 0 16
A single camera, multiple filter multispectral imaging system - with no moving parts - that can be flown on a small UAV.
1.9k 70 1 16
Autonomous Quad Copter using GPS, Optical flow sensor, Ultrasonic distance sensor and a Pixy Cam for autonomous flight.
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous Quad Copter


2.1k 794 4 16
Project R(rrrr) is a low-budget research robot for the rest of us.
Project Owner Contributor

Project R


1.3k 40 9 15
Adapter for the Crazyflie 2.0 Quadcopter, for experimenting with unusual side forces
837 278 2 13
Aerobatic remote control Star Wars Drone
Project Owner Contributor

Star Wars Slave I Bi-Copter

Adam Woodworth

4.9k 65 11 13
A modern rebuild of a vintage boat design
Project Owner Contributor

Airscrew Driven RC Boat


1.6k 27 0 12
An autonomous vehicle that utilizes machine vision as well as data from sensors, to follow street lanes, park and overtake obstacles.
1.2k 372 2 11
A low-cost (~$10), self-contained, swarm-ready, Arduino-compatible, mesh-networked, open-source, open-hardware, useless ROBOT!!
Project Owner Contributor


[ E C C 0 ]

1.6k 1.8k 1 10
A security camera with 70x optical, 2000x digital zoom, that will have a lot more features than most cameras.
894 1k 0 10
Sophisticated and Reliable Drone which can stream live Air Quality information and Video feed for Monitoring and Surveillance purposes.
1.8k 2.1k 0 9
UP1 robotics platform, bringing robotics to everyone
Project Owner Contributor

UpDroid's UP1

Kartik Tiwari

3.1k 22 5 9
I use a esp8266 to control a BEAM style robot
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny wi-fi robot


797 24 0 8
An autonomous quadrotor for indoors hovering and linefollowing
Project Owner Contributor

Self-Contained Autonomous Quadrotor


1.2k 7 2 8
What do you get with a solar cell, some sun light, a supercap, a haptic motor, bristle from old tooth brush and a few parts?
Project Owner Contributor

Solar B.E.A.M. Bristle Bot

K.C. Lee

1.3k 17 2 7
A semi-replica of K-9 from Doctor Who.
Project Owner Contributor

The Doctor's Companion, K-9

Kenneth Zaborny

1.2k 298 0 7
A system using sonar (and other sensors) to automatically maintain altitude on a quadcopter without affecting other functions
Project Owner Contributor

Quadcopter altitude hold

Everett Bradford

443 17 2 6
In a "Happy Accident" I came across a strong, versatile and very cheap building material for Multirotors!!
Project Owner Contributor

MDF Multi-Copters for All!!!


273 24 0 6
A Wall-Racer based on an RC car and driven by a 1970's era RCA 1802 microprocessor
Project Owner Contributor

Olduino Carbot Adapter Board

Bill Rowe

1.3k 25 0 6
F-1 style Electric Race Car
Project Owner Contributor

FSAE 2015 Electric Race Car

Richard Johnson

626 20 2 6
A colorful quadcopter, made from pool noodles.
Project Owner Contributor

Behold, the NoodleCopter!

Mark Harrison

657 21 0 5
I built this little rover on a Dagu tracked chassis using an older Android phone for communications and video, using an IOIO.
1.1k 20 20 5
Never worry about fuel again! With a capacitor powered car, you'll never have to waste your time filling up or charging.
Project Owner Contributor

Project Limitless

Timothy Bomer

285 7 0 4
Want to teach kids about the world of Unmanned Aircraft (UA)? Want to do it indoors, legal, and especially, safe? Choose Blimps!!!
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Thrust-Vectoring Blimp

Steven Kibler

574 12 0 4
WiFi and HTML/AJAX/COMET built from scratch quadcopter. Has it's own WiFi layer 2 protocol based on Beacon Frames against deauth. attacks.
Project Owner Contributor

ATROPOS: Router quadcopter


571 14 0 3
Project Owner Contributor

Maglev Flying Car

Samith Chathuranga Perera

1.7k 51 0 3
A lightweight, compact but robust FPV quadcopter for filming fast action and extreme sports...on a budget!
415 6 0 3
WiFi and HTML/AJAX/COMET operated vehicle
Project Owner Contributor

Texas Ranger ROVER


884 7 0 3
This project is being worked on to support future FRC competitions. Using a Arduino, GY80 AHRS system, and motor encoders
345 20 0 2
This was the first airplane model that me and my friend made together.
Project Owner Contributor

Comper Swift(aircraft) model

Sarang Nerkar

327 5 0 2
This is about modifications or Addons for a cheap Quadcopter
Project Owner Contributor

Custom Quadcopter Addon


438 35 1 2
It will be a voice controlled model of SR-71 Blackbird with two pulse jet engines and a camera attached to it.
889 110 2 2
Efficient, easy and electric. Fast, connected and shareable. It's time bikes joined the 21st Century!
737 15 0 1
A tiny clone of R2D2 made from junk
Project Owner Contributor



165 2 0 1
Ride the jet stream in both directions! No fuel needed!
Project Owner Contributor