Custom Quadcopter Addon

This is about modifications or Addons for a cheap Quadcopter

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I recently bought a rather cheap Quadcopter (called "copter" from now on for convenience) from a Toystore - the Salesman advertised this one greatly. For about 99€ (~ 110$) there was no long thinkering about getting this Drone...

I got this one (Sorry only german):

The nice thing is, that it is prepared to attach different Modules - so it has to be powerful enough to lift some additional load.

In my case i want to add an @atmega Heart to the copter. As first step i want to design a "Module" which attaches and detaches to the copter like the stock ones.

This project includes:
- Designing a 3D-Printable Bracket for holding the PCB (f.Ex. the #The Atmega Hearth and a matching LiPo
- Searching for Plugs which would be matching into the holes of the copter "mainboard"
- The module feature an attached RGB LED for visibility and awesomeness / Lightpainting
- Add some fancy logging Stuff
- Inspire others

  • Integration Test

    Stefan-Xp07/26/2015 at 21:20 0 comments

    Finaly i took the time to integrate the Copter Module with the Copter.

    It is a bit "tight fit" the Landing gear is restricting a easy slide in and out... and the PCB gets loose to easy.. at least it is bound to the LiPo-Akku.

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  • It got made :-)

    Stefan-Xp07/16/2015 at 17:45 6 comments

    Today i received the Part :-)

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  • Step 1

    Stefan-Xp07/09/2015 at 21:41 2 comments

    Today I designsparked :)

    At the top is the same interface as the camera Module.

    Below in the "Big Cage" on top there is the place for a LiPo Battery, it should be secured in Place by the Noses.

    At the Bottom there is some kind of Spring mechanism to snap in the PCB.

    The Size is about 50,5 x 35,99 x 23,5 mm.

    I'm curious.. is it possible to calculate the probable weight or Volume of the Model?

    I'm trying to get the Model Laser Sintered :-)

  • First Flight

    Stefan-Xp07/08/2015 at 21:22 0 comments

    I'm sure it will work much better, when the module is attached to the copter.

    BTW: does somebody know, where to get those tiny RC connectors?

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