20.3k 168 28 84
My own design 6502 based computer with full graphics, sound and storage capabilities for a dose of 80s nostalgia!
Project Owner Contributor

6502 Homebrew Computer


8.5k 86 7 77
Handheld Game System featuring the 6502
Project Owner Contributor

Dodo: 6502 Game System

Peter Noyes

2k 61 3 35
A pocket-sized KIM-1 replica with added '6502 programmable calculator mode'. Parts cost is about $10.
Project Owner Contributor

KIM Uno: A simple KIM-1 replica


2.4k 40 5 19
After the E, There was She. A Small Expandable 65c816 computer
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1k 42 2 16
Using a Propeller to Repair and Expand a MicroKim
Project Owner Contributor


Jac Goudsmit

611 17 0 10
A graphing calculator based on a modern 65C02 microprocessor.
Project Owner Contributor

6502 Graphing Calculator

Joey Shepard

1.7k 381 0 9
A program was created to display a digital clock in a KIM Uno. #IStandWithAhmed
Project Owner Contributor

KIM Uno Digital Clock

Arduino Enigma

317 6 0 7
EasySXB is a terminal/program loader designed for use with Western Design Center's SXB line of 65xx development boards.
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482 345 0 7
A trainer using a real 65C02 with virtual drag-n-drop peripherals and memory on a PC. Every byte of address space viewable at any time.
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6502 Virtual Trainer

Joey Shepard

2.3k 27 0 6
Think Neo Geo MVS 4 Slot, then think Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Put 'em together and you've got yourself a Super Famicade.
561 209 0 4
This is a 7 day programmable alarm clock/power sequencer for my stereo.
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7 Day Alarm Clock (ancient)