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I decide to go the electric mower route about 5 years ago. I was hesitant as the 12V lead-acid batteries most electric mowers come with suck – and they are heavy. At that time, the only better technology was Lithium Ion battery-based mowers, but they were very expensive. I decided on the CubCadet CC500, which was a good balance of quality and price. It was a 48 Volt lead-acid unit.

It only took 2 years for the batteries to waste away. I was stuck between going back to gas, or replacing batteries. Oddly, I let myself go somewhere in between by only replacing 2 of the batteries. That only lasted a season and I soon found myself charging the batteries twice for each mow. To add insult to injury, our new patio further reduced the cutting area – yet I still needed 2 chargers per cut! I needed a solution…