• The Time Is Now

    Ifeanyi Obi03/31/2016 at 15:15 0 comments

    Surprisingly a few students came to us and said that they wanted to do a documentary on us and Our-Watch. Even though the shoot last night lasted a while we all had an amazing time, and we can't wait to show you about Our-Watch, and ourselves.

  • Our-Watch Prototype v.1

    Ifeanyi Obi03/31/2016 at 15:06 0 comments

    We finally got a recording of the 1st version of our prototype! Check it out, and let us know what you think!

  • Documentary!

    Ifeanyi Obi03/07/2016 at 07:10 0 comments

    We recently found out that a few students want to do a documentary about our company! We are still just talking about the idea of it it but we are really accited about it!

  • Got our Trademark

    Ifeanyi Obi03/07/2016 at 07:07 0 comments

    We meet with Ben Hannam, and we talked about our upcoming plans, such as our logo, business plans, and trademark. Little did he know that we had already applied for our trademark, and that we just had to wait for it.

  • Y Combinator

    Ifeanyi Obi03/07/2016 at 07:02 0 comments

    After recently receiving the KickBox we have applied for a spot in the Y Combinator accelerator program for the summer of 2016. During this program, you will be flown out to Silicon Valley CA, for three months during the summer. After which they fund your business with $120,000. We really hope that we get it not only for the money, but for the mentorship, guidance, and connections. We find out April 11th if we get it or not. We really hope we get it because it will truly accelorate Our-Watch to the next level.