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Hard to be a maker or a small company without so much time and knowledge for calculations. Why not using ?

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I worked in a small company where I was doing mechanical engineering and I'm a maker. I noticed that, as a small company, we waste so much time building excel sheets for common calculations or just to get estimations for prototyping. I guess that we were not the only one doing the same thing, and maybe our competitors did exactly the same thing. So why spending hours on that if we can share the work ?
As small companies, we cannot compete with big ones which have people dedicated to computations, but at least we can save time.

Many calculators are already developed such as
- Bending, buckling, steppers
- Bearing lifespan (and more)
- Bond graphs
- Utility to plan how to cut many beams
- So much more

I you want to help, feel free to join, even on non programming things (translation, design, check calculations ...)

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