Converting a G4003G lathe to CNC

watch as we break a perfectly good manual lathe
jarek319: "you can’t tune “fundamentally flawed” out of a system."

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Conversion of a manual lathe to CNC. The G0704 project is in pretty good shape and we need a bigger lathe than the 7x10 harbor freight mini lathe, in case there is a zombie apocalypse or AvE comes to visit.

It'll be the usual suspects, not necessarily in this order.

Having it delivered and unpacked
VFD + Motor upgrade
Controller board + software. Lathe capable and all that
Coolant delivery

Waiting on the fedex to arrive.


they arrived

that is a big box

le unbox

  • Installation and testing

    charliex03/13/2016 at 17:10 0 comments

    unpacked and spaced out the legs

    started to install the panel between the legs.... slightly off holes


    brackets and panel

    time to install

    noticed there was too much oil in the headstock, and cross which could lead to issues later. so emptied some out

    that's better,, we can use the extra oil on the g0704 ways now.

    and mounted

    check the oil levels

    break it in, and do a test cut in steel. obviously we didn't empty out enough oil

    aluminum to test to see if any visible harmonics etc , all good

    All installed and ready to start the CNC planning

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Arsenijs wrote 03/08/2016 at 13:12 point

Also, all the pics kind of are unavailable

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charliex wrote 03/08/2016 at 19:38 point

hmm i checked them in incog mode too

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Arsenijs wrote 03/07/2016 at 21:30 point

Thanks for all the pictures, really woke me up =)

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