A great attiny85 ultra small development board!
+motor/relay PWM driver !!!!, RGB led, Power LED, User/Reset button, I2C smart header

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Technically it is Digispark clone :) but is smaller and with beautiful shape, AtTiny85 MCU based board.

It is unnecessary, again and again listing their parameters, focus on the main differences ;)

-motor/relay PWM driver !!!!
-RGB led
-Power LED
-User/Reset button
-I2C smart header
-Ultra smal
-Super compact !!!
-No wait bootloader

Really no shieds?

....on board is all for you need for start, RGB LED, motor driver, IIC pull-up

Pinout is smart selected to direct plug servo, wss2812 strip , IIC lcd or RTC module,

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Abdullbasit wrote 07/23/2016 at 19:14 point

But the tiny85 doesn't have usb port 

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bobricius wrote 07/24/2016 at 06:07 point

it is emulated in software ;-) try read abour v-usb

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Abdullbasit wrote 07/23/2016 at 18:38 point

How do you program it ?

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bobricius wrote 07/23/2016 at 18:52 point

it is digispark based, just plug in to usb, it have bootloader

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