10.3k 163 18 147
A versatile autonomous environmental drone using a buoyancy engine
Project Owner Contributor

Open source underwater glider

Alex Williams

2.9k 117 3 81
Neopixel watch with accelerometer helps people with poor vision. please like.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Neopixel Watch

Marcello Graves

3.7k 121 16 80
ESP32 emulating to be a cartridge
Project Owner Contributor

WIFI Game Boy Cartridge


8.3k 82 8 76
SamD21 card development platform Multi-sensor tricorder with 22x5 led matrix display, sd card, battery, environment sensors
15k 179 16 69
atsamd11c14 Arduino zero compatible ARM M0 compact usb stick
Project Owner Contributor

DiXi - arduino sam D11 usb stick


5.3k 75 5 68
this board have unique compact design and is easy to assembly +SD card reader +RGB led +Touch pad +User button
3.2k 100 9 57
Interactive LED Kit
Project Owner Contributor

Trixel LED


2.7k 50 33 53
A small battery-powered meditation aid to keep you focused and refreshed wherever you go.
7k 74 10 51
Simple gsm phone with 22x5 LED display, 16 keys, atsamd21, and sim800l module, QI charging
Project Owner Contributor

DIY GSM arduino FR4 cell phone


9.7k 553 17 45
XORYA game console is just one chip PIC32MX170F256B (32-bit MIPS core, 256K flash, 64K data mem) in DIP28 package and a few other components
3.4k 32 9 39
SD card secure RAID USB storage
Project Owner Contributor


Nick Sayer

3k 47 9 32
Open Source Avionics for Microlights and other Non-Type-Certified Aircraft
Project Owner Contributor

ModAir - Modular Aviation Instruments


1.9k 33 4 30
A great attiny85 ultra small development board! +motor/relay PWM driver !!!!, RGB led, Power LED, User/Reset button, I2C smart header
Project Owner Contributor



2.5k 24 8 28
Inexpensive, Arduino Compatible Low Power Dev Board
Project Owner Contributor

LP Mini - Low Power Dev Board


1.5k 140 22 28
An educational system designed to bring AI and complex robotics into the home and school on a budget.
Project Owner Contributor



1.6k 34 1 25
Full featured thermal camera, smaller than a credit card.
Project Owner Contributor

Pocket thermal camera


2.6k 363 8 23
This project will focus on making current research in field of Visible Light Communication (VLC and LiFi) usable and meaningful for use...
333 27 0 23
Car Security System by Radio Frequency Access
Project Owner Contributor

CSS_RF Access

Edgar Andres Chavez V.

2.1k 21 4 23
Handmade led game console Ultra high quality 64bit graphics :-D
958 25 13 22
The fast, intuitive and modular way to make awesome portable projects that maximize creativity and sharing
Project Owner Contributor


Jeremy Gilbert

896 272 5 20
4x5 micro display with attiny85
Project Owner Contributor

Standalone LED micromatrix display


1.3k 81 4 19
A controller for all your IoT needs.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP IoT Controller


639 15 6 19
25MHz 1.8-5V SPI EEPROM/Flash Emulator
Project Owner Contributor



627 54 7 19
Wrist watch with monochromatic 16X16 LED Matrix inspired by retro LED watches of 70s and 80s.
Project Owner Contributor

LED Matrix Watch


795 147 3 17
Earrings, necklace, pendant ...
Project Owner Contributor

Supercapacitor powered LED jewelry


5.6k 17 6 15
A biodegradable flashlight, build with recycled laptop batteries that you can repair yourself.
Project Owner Contributor


Peter Fröhlich

499 11 6 14
retro LED clock
Project Owner Contributor



305 5 0 13
Watch have accelerometer to activate display when you rise hand
Project Owner Contributor

Motion activated LED watch


1.5k 38 0 12
Internet of Plants is essentially a mesh-network of plant master and slave controllers for better & less plant care with affordable pricing
Project Owner Contributor

Internet of Plants (IoP)

Bilal Mahmoud

576 15 0 12
Firmware version specially for The 1kB Challenge
1.9k 186 2 12
A modular, distributed processing, unmanned vehicle controller.
333 90 0 11
255 sounds wav pcm FX sound player
Project Owner Contributor

Talking robot


1.2k 49 2 10
Robotic platform that doesn't need a computer/programmer/compiler. Just move it how you want it to move and it will copy those moves
Project Owner Contributor



437 11 1 10
Simple flash disc business card or keychain, File system is stored in internal MCU flash. Minimum components.
256 11 0 10
A Dual Mini Speaker Dip for the C.H.I.P Pro
Project Owner Contributor

C.H.I.P Pro BoomBox Dip

Ricardo Ferro

2.1k 39 8 9
The world's smallest and simplest theremin
Project Owner Contributor

Minimin Mk1


300 60 1 9
Integrated AHRS and sensing platform for gliders and GA aircraft with Bluetooth interface
Project Owner Contributor

AHRS platform for gliders

Marian Keller

277 8 0 8
Touch watch, super - slim, discrete led display
571 8 2 8
Next member of Picoduino family ...
217 3 0 8
Activate your community with a new game that alters reality.
Project Owner Contributor

Alternate Reality Game Platform


969 124 0 8
A tank controlled by bluetooth capable of shooting ferromagnetic projectiles
Project Owner Contributor

Remote Control Coil Gun Tank

Ramón Calvo

569 83 2 8
Cube shaped objects that will attach to each other and move each other which will result in a low resolution programmable matter (LRPM).
436 14 5 7
An ultra strong and fast servo that is reasonably priced. The goal is to generate 60ft*lbs (11 520oz*in) with 60 rpm no load rpm speed.
Project Owner Contributor

Ultra Servo


77 74 0 6
Ternary computer "3niti alpha" that I started to design in 2004
Project Owner Contributor

3niti alpha


166 6 0 6
simple small USB board with RGB led
Project Owner Contributor

Simple PIC16F1455 usb key


80 2 0 6
A tiny controller for the rhythm game kShootmania made using PCBmodE.
Project Owner Contributor

TokiLabs Note


202 32 11 6
Xorya Touch PCB is even cheaper implementation of Xorya game console on PIC32
Project Owner Contributor

Xorya Touch


367 79 0 6
Winxi board in Mini Pcie shape
229 4 0 5
Idea: How to Print to Parallel Printer on ARM Linux from Dosbox. I tried to use an old Industry Machine with OPi embedded Par&Serial Ports
Project Owner Contributor

Dosbox ARM Parport


142 30 0 5
Simple nixie clock
Project Owner Contributor

Single board nixie clock


281 2 0 2
Simulating the functionality of memristors using off-the-shelf parts to form a neural network crossbar array
150 0 0 2
Detecting and Displaying Emotion using a a wrist worn device.
Project Owner Contributor


Tom Meehan

140 1 0 2
An Arduino like, powered with Atmel Cortex-M7 microcontroller
Project Owner Contributor



59 1 0 1
Power bank charged via solar uses old batteries
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Power Bank

Chris Savage

0 0 1
The temperature switch takes three readings from three sensors and displays then on oled and also according to the conditions switch relay
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi 3 channel Temperature Switch


204 6 2 1
Designing a low cost electronic load for testing power supplies, batteries, and other devices.
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost Electronic Load

Joey Casabar

170 2 0 0
A RGB LED Cube that can be built with cheap and easy to solder hardware, that is modular and scalable and that has a rich user interface