WHAC (Water Heating And Home Cooling)

An Opensource water/home heating and cooling solution, that also has the possibility of generation free electricity in low usage.

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By using temperature variation of the solar heated source and ground cooled source you can utilize renewable resources such as solar and geothermal to heat and cool as needed while also having the ability to generate electricity in low usage times. By controlling from a central source, it allows you to automate what is best utilized depending on usage, weather and conditions.

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fanixaklex wrote 03/08/2024 at 18:41 point

WHAC, which stands for Water Heating And Home Cooling, is an integral aspect of household energy consumption. This system typically includes water heaters and air conditioning units, both vital for maintaining a comfortable living environment. Understanding the energy efficiency ratings, maintenance requirements, and proper usage of WHAC systems is essential for homeowners. Alongside optimizing energy consumption, individuals can conveniently manage their utility expenses, including electricity consumption for WHAC units, through online billing services such as QESCO online bill  payments. This digital platform offers a hassle-free way to access, track, and settle electricity bills, promoting efficiency and convenience in managing energy-related costs for a well-regulated home.

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sarfarazawan18 wrote 07/21/2023 at 11:16 point

kindly tell is this effect monthly electricity bill i have website where i can share information about electricity bill cast every month

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