The unit consists of two solar panels, one is for the timer circuit and another is for output. The timer circuit is connected to relay module. The unit also consists of rechargeable cells which are charged by solar panel. When you want to use power from them, you need to just toggle the switch.

Pre launch page:


  • Time switching device
  • Variable i.e. you can change the time delay
  • Can also work without sunlight!
  • Easy to use
  • Switch for using power from batteries
  • Highly compatible with Arduino and its peripherals
  • Long battery life
  • Detachable solar panel
  • Portable
  • Clean energy

The unit actually contains a timer which is variable and the time delay can be adjusted by Potentiometer. The maximum time delay you can set is 5 minutes. The minimum time delay is 30 seconds. If there is no proper sunlight, a switch is provided to run your Arduino on Batteries! The port for this is different.

Battery Life Calculation:

Arduino ON time: 1 seconds

Arduino OFF time: 1 min. = 60 seconds

Ioff: 0.2mA

Ion: 3mA

Operating Voltage: 5V

I(avg): 1mA

P(avg): 5 x 1 = 5mW

Li-Ion Battery: 2100mAh

Battery Voltage: 2.4V

Power: 2100 x 2.4 = 5040mWh

Battery Life: 5040/5 = 1008 Hours = 42 Days

Note: Power consumed by power booster is not calculated here.

Thus, timer circuit saves a lot energy and also saves energy by cutting power of sensors, displays, etc. In sleep mode, the power consumed by ATMEL micro controller will reduce.