The smart pack increases safety and environmental condition awareness and improves convenience of not forgetting your items. The air quality should be tracked if you live in a large city like NYC or Beijing. Safety lights increase safety when biking or walking at night. UV sensors track amount of bare skin exposure. RFID reader will detect any RFID tagged items missing from inside the pack so your days of leaving your keys, phone, or train pass are over. All components are low power so the solar panel or a light battery pack is enough to keep components on without adding much weight to the pack

Environmental Sensors:

Air, UV, light, sound, temperature and humidity, and barometer sensors feed environmental data into the Curie. Detect poor air quality and UV strength to make informed decisions of how to commute or when to apply sunscreen. If brightness falls below a certain intensity, safety lights are activated, UV outside a safe range activates an alert on the phone or flashes the safety lights to alert wearer of sun protection required. Air quality sensor can alert wearer to take an alternate route, or stick to public transportation. The Curie can transmit the environmental information via bluetooth to a smartphone which can upload the information to a centralized map keeping track of air and noise pollution across an urban area. These alerts can be used by other pedestrians and bikers to avoid hazardous areas or by the city.

Physical Safety:

Low light detected by the light sensor and transmitted to the Curie sends a signal to activate the LED strip safety lights on the sides of the backpack keeping pedestrians and cyclists visible. Distance sensors detect vehicles or other objects approaching from blind zones, transmit the direction of the object to the Curie which then activates the haptic feedback motor on the appropriate shoulder strap. If the approaching object is directly behind, both motors are activated.


Tag important items that are used daily like keys, phone, passport for frequent travelers with RFID tags. Forgotten items’ ID shows up on OLED display. 1W solar panel on the pack surface can charge while walking or biking and a light battery pack is enough to keep backpack charged when solar isn’t an option.