Based on SparkFun's "HaterMatic", a joke gift for a colleague. Coin-operated printer of "Craigisms" and lotto numbers.

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This is a remix of SparkFun's HaterMatic. Added a second switch, put into a 50 cal ammo box, and changed the Arduino source to match, including replacing their example "insults".

This is remix of the SparkFun HaterMatic project. It's a gift for a colleague at one of the places I have a contract. As a team leader, he has a lot of fun and odd phrases, so having something that will print them out seems like it will amuse him.  He's also trying to save for retirement, so the added coins will help :-)

Other than using a different case (50 cal ammo box) and adding a toggle switch to enable the output of lotto numbers, the project pretty much follows SparkFun's description. The main difference is that I don't use a breadboard, but use instead a small mint tin perf board from Adafruit. It's the perfect size for Arduino pro mini-based projects that don't require more than a couple of external, small components.

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    Step 1
    The starting point for this project was the SparkFun Hatermatic. I bought or already had the items on the Hatermatic wishlist (see links), and went to my local equivalent of Harbor Freight to get a 50 cal ammo box. The eponymous "Craig" works for a military contractor, so "green" was important.
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    Step 2

    Lay out the panel and hole cutouts for the printer, coin receptacle, switches, and if you want, power cord hole. I used a plastic grommet from my junk collection for the wallwart cords.

    I found the ammo box to be an excellent project case and will be using more of them. The main thing about cutting out the panels and holes is to wear hearing protection. The jigsaw work was pretty loud.

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    Step 3

    I had two spare rubber feet in my junk collection that I screwed at the bottom of the ammo case opposite to hinge so the box would be reasonably level when stood up.

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kasdrfase wrote 04/20/2022 at 10:07 point

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johnlagend06 wrote 01/14/2022 at 13:59 point

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ksk wrote 05/21/2014 at 15:16 point
Eric. Yes, that is the hope that we can automate his job with an Arduino. Of course, does Craig continue to draw pay and would that mean he can work more years? Have to talk to HR about that.

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ksk wrote 05/21/2014 at 15:14 point
Like anything work related, many of the "Craigisms" are specific to what he does as a System Engineer and the culture of the company. That said, perhaps some will appeal to some folks out there, including you, OneShot.

Can we do your quarterly review later? Say, next quarter?
Come back tomorrow. I have to leave now or the dogs will be very upset.
The customer doesn't know what he wants, but as soon as we show him something he\'ll want something else. You show him something and I'll take notes...
You want what? Didn't you already go on vacation last year? Well, okay, maybe,
Yes, your questions are simple, it's the answers that are hard.

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OneShot Willie wrote 05/21/2014 at 02:40 point
I'm wondering if you could post a few sample "Craigisms" ? If they're worth doing a build, they must be good...

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Eric Evenchick wrote 05/19/2014 at 09:23 point
If Craig isn't around, does the box take the role of team leader?

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